I Take My Cum Shooter Straight Up

This cum slut loves to have you shoot that load right down my throat. But it isn’t just the taste of cum that makes me crazy. I love the feel of it on my body. When a man squirts that load on me it makes me cum so hard that my whole body convulses. Get a whole bunch of fucking dicks around me and have them shoot all over me, in my mouth and hair and all over my body and I cum so hard that it takes my breath away. I invited a bunch of guys over tonight and told them to bring as many friends as they can round up. Tonight I am going to lay in the tub totally naked and let all of them jerk their cocks and soot their loads all over me while the tub fills up around me with hot sticky cum. I want to be showered in it, covered in it from head to toe. When it is all over and they have all emptied their balls I will make them watch as I get on my hands and knees, covered in jizz and drink every drop that is in that tub, lapping it up like a dog drinking water out of a bowl. I can’t fucking wait!

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