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See You In Your Dreams

adult phone chat melinda1You came to play with the girls and I and play is what we did. I loved watching their little hands run up and down your body, lingering on your chest and trailing little kisses all over your body. My pussy stayed wet and satisfied as your hands pleasured me. We all delighted at your growing cock and the moans of pleasure that escaped your lips. And when little Anna sat on your face and began rocking back and forth on your tongue and Maria straddled that cock while I held it and guided it to her soft tight hole your body shivered as if a cool breeze had blown in the window. Their giggles of happiness and the joy on your face had us all cumming over and over again. And the gift of your cum in all of us, on all of us, for all of us was euphoric. Now we are sitting here watching you dream and we know the smile on your face and the soft periodic moans mean we are with you in your dreams.