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Incest Phone Sex Goes Way Back With Slutty Sister Lacey

Incest phone sex calls leave sluts like me going back in time to when my brother owned my little cnt                                Incest phone sex My brother loved playing doctor with me when we were younger; he’d sneak into my room at night to examine his hot sister’s cunt. He’d stick his fingers inside of me and pretend like it was some kind of medical procedure – but really, he just wanted an excuse to feel how wet I got for him!

And then there was Daddy…he had this weird tickle game where he would tickle different parts of our bodies until one or both of us couldn’t take it anymore. His favorite spot? Right on top between the cheeks – always ending up right by that sweet little clit that drove us wild! But instead of stopping there, sometimes he’d push things further by slipping a tongue in between those legs while continuing the “tickling.” It wasn’t long before everyone knew what kind of games we liked playing around here…and they joined in too!

Momma didn’t mind either because she enjoyed watching her kids get down n dirty together under the covers after dark (or during). She even participated from time-to-time herself if someone needed extra encouragement or motivation…let’s st say she loved seeing her kids happy – even if it meant getting down and dirty with them!

As for me? Well, I became quite the cum rag over time. My holes were there to please the men of this family; they used them whenever they needed an outlet or just wanted some quick relief after a long day at work. And let’s be real…I didn’t mind one bit! In fact, sometimes I would beg for more – especially when my brother was involved because damn…that boy knew how to fuck his sister’s tight little cunt like no other man ever could!