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Cocky Play Time

phone sex fetish mayI have been horny all fucking day and I just want a big fat cock to play with. I am horny and my asshole is yearning to be fucked or even better yet, I want to put my dick into a nice tight asshole. I figure the hornier I get the fucking perkier my sweet little nipples seem to get. I do not want to masturbate when I get home but I will if I have to. I want my asshole to have something pushing up in it, like a big fat cock. I do not care what color the cock is, black, white, blue or even fucking polka dotted. I am just craving a big juicy dick to suck and fuck me. Its been one of those kind of day where I do not really care about anything but that. It should be easy enough, just find a huge cock to be my fuck toy for a few hour and send them on their way. I just want to play for a little while.