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Nail me by the nails

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Having big tits works well for me. I often dress to show them off, especially on hot summer days when I can go braless and show off my nipples. I was at the hardware store when a tall and handsome man approached me and handed me a screw and asked if that was what I was looking for. Smiling slyly, I said, “Well, yes but not exactly the tangible ones.” Our eyes met and it was on. Right there by the hammers, he hammer fucked me bent over right in the aisle.

We were approached by a mustached man in an orange vest whom only wanted a piece of the action. While Mr. friendly was bang fucking me, he waited his turn and watched. I love being watched, it turns the excitement up a notch and sends me over the edge. “Do you want a turn,” I asked. “Yes, he said, “but I want to drill you by the drills.” When I told him to pull down his pants, he whisked out a cock so fucking huge, I gasped.  His cock was so long and big around, I had never seen one so big. I couldn’t wait for that thing to “nail me by the nails.”

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