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Mature Phone Sex Women and Foot Fetishes

mature phone sexMature phone sex woman know fetishes. I am in my fifties and I guess you could say I am a fetish queen. Interracial cuckolding is my specialty. But I enjoy foot fetishes too. I tell guys if my foot is bigger than your dick, you do not have a snowball’s chance in hell fucking me. But you can get a foot job as a consolation prize. Even my feet are dominant, LOL. I was at a small New Year’s Eve party. It was a house party. I would have rather been fucking black men in front of my husband, but this was for his work. I sucked it up knowing I would be rewarded with some big black dicks the next day. This one guy was fixated on me. Even my husband noticed. He asked me a favor, which he rarely does. He wanted me to pay him some special attention to help land him as a client. Now, my husband would not want me to fuck a small dick for anything in the world, but he did want me to be flirty and nice. I turned on the charm and quickly realized this was a foot guy. I have hefty boobs and his eyes were on my freshly manicured feet. My stunning red toes had his attention more than my stunning DD breasts. I slipped a shoe off, running my foot up his pant leg in a corner of the dimly lit home we were in. He came in his pants. Definitely a foot guy, LOL. A sad quick cumming foot fetish guy. I would have given him a foot job. My pretty soles would have brought him back from the dead, but he was happy to spooge his pants looking at my feet. My husband landed a big client and I really did not do much, but he has been spoiling me with expensive gifts for even less than I would do on a foot fetish phone sex call.