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I Love Being Spanked

Spanking phone sex

I love being spanked. I’ve been a very naughty girl! We were having some fun in the bedroom. You had me naked with my legs spread open, rubbing my little clit. Teasing me, making me all wet and ready for ya! That’s when it happen. My hot pussy squirted all on you! You’re eyes lit up with excitement looking at all of my wetness all over the bed. Your big dick got so hard so fast. You were just ready to stick it my hot squirting pussy, teasing me with the tip of your hard dick. But first you had to spank me for making such a big mess on the bed. So you flipped me over and spanked my sexy ass three times! I grunted with every hit. Then you placed your hard dick deep inside me from behind and fucked me so hard that I squirted again. And that’s when you cummed all inside me. Fill me up buttercup!