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Phone Sex is Better than No Sex!

phone sex

At least we can still have phone sex. This sexy BBW is getting a bit desperate for human sexual interaction. My libido is still high. The demand for sex is there but the supply for sex is low. See this picture? This is what I wore yesterday to greet the mailman. Yes. I was so horny, I attempted to seduce the mail man. I caught his attention, but I guess not enough to violate the 6 feet rule lol. I undid my top hoping that seeing my 44 EE natural big tits would help. He came closer to me. Close enough I could see that he had a bulge in his pants. It had to be a big cock because he was 6 feet away in my yard and I could see his cock through his pants. The outline of his throbbing rod gave me a wet bald pussy. I wanted him so badly, but he was not violating social distancing despite being a sexy BBW with big tits. I put my leg up on the rail of my porch showing off my bald cunt. I thought that would get him closer. He did pull out his cock and masturbated. Beggars can’t be choosers. I started rubbing my cunt. Mutual masturbation is better than nothing at all. I came so hard looking at his stiff cock. I love watching men jack off. Don’t get me wrong. I would rather fuck any day, but in times like this, I get what I can take. He was too far from me to cum on my tits, but I could see how hard he was for me. I live in a rural area. No one around for a mile on either side, so we could have fucked in the field, but my sexy mailman didn’t want to touch me with a six foot pole. I still got off and it was nice to see a cock, even from a distance. Would you be able to resist my body?