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Phone Sex MILF

phone sex Being a phone sex MILF keeps me busy. I love role playing your mommy or any hot MILF from your life. I have been the hot MILF since I turned 30. Just when I think there is no hot mature woman I have not been to a boy at some point, another opportunity pops up. I took my nephew to the doctor for my sister in law yesterday morning. He has been having trouble urinating, so she wanted him checked out. I somehow got mistaken for the nurse. The doctor knew I was not his mother, but she had a new nurse starting that day and mistook me for her. She asked me to help give the boy a prostate exam. He is a school boy. I had no idea they gave prostate exams to boys so young. I didn’t have any problem doing it, however. I gave my nephew a wink so he would not blow my identity to the doctor. I was supposed to wear a rubber glove, but where is the fun in that? I lubed up my finger and worked it into my nephew’s ass. He was so tight. He squirmed a bit, but his pecker got hard. He liked me fishing around in his bung hole. When he came, he looked so embarrassed. The doctor informed him it was a normal reaction. Well, it certainly is a normal reaction for a school boy to explode when his aunt plays naughty nurse with his back door. The doctor left for a few moments to give him some privacy. I was supposed to follow once I got the urine sample, but I sucked his little hairless dick clean. His cock was working perfectly for me. The doctor came back and busted me. “You aren’t the nurse are you,” she said. No lady, I am not, I was thinking as I grabbed my nephew and ran.