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Mommy Phone Sex Weekend

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex weekend sound like fun to you? My husband went out of town for a conference leaving me and the boys all by ourselves. I certainly didn’t mind being alone with 3 young boys. We needed some quality time together anyway. Past few weeks have been insane with lots of other boys around. Not that I mind that. Everyone who calls me knows what a mommy whore I am, so they more boys the better. My boys, however, need reassurance that they are foremost on my mind. They are my everything. When they were born, I suddenly had purpose in my life. I knew they were born to by my mother fuckers. Friday, I scored some good blow so I could keep up with them. As a mature phone sex babe, I need a  little sometime to keep up with young boys! We fucked 24/7. I barely slept. Who needs sleep when you have boy cock, cum and coke? All I needed was those hard little dicks in my fuck holes. All they needed was their whore mommy. You know what the best thing about having three sons is? I have 3 fuck holes so no boy has to wait if he doesn’t want too. I can get triple penetrated if needed. My boys are pretty patient, but I let them do some blow which made them super energetic. They wanted to nap when I wanted to fuck, so I recharged them with some white powder. The coke made them anything but patient. They couldn’t wait, so I ended up triple penetrated practically all weekend long. I am not complaining though. My pussy, ass and mouth got one hell of a work out. Oh, and I got a lot of cum. Now, I am being a phone sex mommy with boy batter in my fuck holes.