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Daddys Girl Phone Sex

Daddys Girl Phone SexI just love being a Daddy’s girl. I’ve always knows that I could get whatever I wanted from my Daddy. All I had to do was give him a look and pout just a little and he would give me anything I wanted. He spoils me so much and never tells me no. I have cars, jewelry, clothes and  designer bags. Anything you can imagine that a spoiled princess could want. Of course I show him just how appreciative I am for everything he does for me. Sometimes, I’ll even suck his cock in a store’s bathroom to thank him for spoiling me so much! It’s hard to say no when the reward for saying yes is so sweet! Who can resist pumping cum into a sexy little mouth like mine? He loves his nasty brat and all the nasty things I do to him and I love my Daddy!


Pleasing My Daddy Is What I Live For

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My sweet little pussy is always dripping wet for my Daddy’s big hard dick. He had been texting me all day and telling me he was having a bad day. Being his Princess, I knew it was my job to make him feel better. When he came home I had on a sexy little outfit. My lips were bright red, my hair was in pigtails, and I had on some high heels. I looked like a good fucking slut, just like I know my Daddy likes me too. He walked through the front door to see his baby girl bent over with her tight ass up in the air and her young bald pussy spread wide for him. I was wet and waiting for him to come home and take the stress of his bad day out on my little fuck hole. He shoved his hard dick inside me and fucked me so hard. I let Daddy spank me and pull my hair. He gave me a pounding and filled up my pussy. I know Daddy felt so much better after he dumped his load in me. Pleasing Daddy’s hard cock is what I live for.