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Hot Phonesex Soaks My Pussy

Is it a bad thing that I am obsessed with my own pussy and tits. I can’t keep my hands of either one. I love to squeeze my tits and play with my own nipple. I wet m fingers and rub my nipples until they are hard as can be. The more I play with my nipples, the wetter my pussy gets. Once my pussy is soaked and ready that is when my obsession really takes hold. I love when my pussy is freshly waxed. It feels so soft, smooth and sensitive. I have been known to even rub it under the table at restaurants. Right now I am rubbing my pussy and wishing I had a big cock in it. I would bounce on that cock while my tits bounce up and down.  I am grabbing my tits now and squeezing them together. I am imagining a dick in between them giving e a thorough titty fuck, while I lick the tip. I want to be rewarded for my efforts with a big load of cum all over my face.

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