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The Guy Next Door

Phone SexI have a secret and I just have to share it or I will bust!

I have a crush on the guy next door! He is much older than me, probably almost fifty but I think about him all the time. He has lived next door for as long as I can remember and he always lets me sit on his lap when he comes over and he likes it when I call him daddy!

I spend every second I can with him and I just know that when I grow up, we will get married!

I really think he likes me to because I can feel him growing hard when he holds me in his lap! He says you only get hard for people you love! I would do anything for him! I love it when his hands shake as he “accidentally”  lets them slip over my tiny little tits.

I love that he lets me touch him and see his big penis and he gets so nervous when he touches my private parts.He says that one day he will show me what a man does with his penis when he loves some one! I can’t wait for him to show me! But for now, we have a secret game that we play where I get to lick him when he gets hard and then he gets to lick me and we do that until one of us shoots cream out! The first one to make the other one shoot stuff wins! But he said we can’t tell anyone because then everyone would want to play!Teen Phone Sex

So my mom and dad are having a party and he will be there and this time I am going to show him how grown up I am! I got my very first two piece swim suit last week and I am going to where it for him this weekend! And hopefully, this time, he will finally show me what men do with that man muscle! I want to be everything for him!

So daddy, I am right here and ready to be your grown up little girl!

I can’t wait for us to play our secret game and I hope you finally show me how much you love me!