Sweet Fiery Tease

 Fucking you and sucking your cock is all I think about when you aren’t home, but I can’t just jump on you when you get home from work, no can I?  I spend my day preparing for the evening, so when you get home I can spend the entire night playing with you.  After we have dinner we lay in front of the fire and I begin undressing you and gently squeezing your balls.  I kiss the tip of your cock as I let my nipples brush up against your leg.  You begin to moan and move your hips upwards into me, but I only kiss and lick the tip of your cock.  I move up to your face and kiss you deeply and I scratch and rub your chest, then I start kissing down your neck and I straddle your hips moving in little circles.  You are as hot as the fire in the fireplace – moaning and begging me to fuck you.  I slide down your body stroking your cock, bringing you to the edge or orgasm then I stop.  I take the length of your cock in my mouth and suck you in completely as you gasp and cry out for me to fuck you.  This goes on for more than an hour, but I finally give in and ride your cock hard and fast.  Your blue balls quickly erupt into my cunt, filling me with your hot load.  I lay on top of you and grin with total satisfaction as you fall asleep.

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