Sweater Weather!

My cock has been throbbing today! It is because sweater weather is fantastic. Not only because of all the fine woman in tight little sweater… Including me! All their fine breasts bouncing and wiggling under those tight little sweaters! But the thing I love the most is all the men and their throbbing cocks staring at me. Longing for me to rub my perfect tits in their face. Longing to see my lips wrapped around their thick hard cocks. And they really long to see me sucking them till they almost explode. And the thought that they DON’T even know of my special package. They have no idea how fantastic their time is gonna be. When I get them all worked up and pull out my hard cock. Mmm I just love the reveal. The surprise, the shock. And I love the moment when they get more than they ever dreamed of and LOVE every minute of it! I will be the first big black cock ever to pound their tight ass! Mmmm All because of Sweat Weather!

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