Superbowl Sexday

gang bang phone sex debbieIt’s no secret that I LOVE cocks – the bigger, the better, and the more, the merrier! And a couple of weeks ago, during the Superbowl, there were quite a lot to go around. A guy friend had invited me over to his place to party. There were a few girls there, but there were many more guys! There were too many people present for there to be enough couch cushions and chairs to go around, but I had no problem finding a few laps to sit on during the game.

The beer was flowing freely, though, and we were all getting a little sloshed, so soon there were guys and girls making out left and right. I found myself in one of the bedrooms with three guys, each one tripping over themselves to undress both their own self and me. But I told them, “Play fair, boys, there’s enough of me to go around.”

Before long, I had one guy under me, fucking my pussy while I rode him, the second guy plowing into my ass from behind, all while I was leaning forward to suck the third guy’s cock. I sorta wanted them to all cum inside of me, but in the end, I begged them all to pull out and spray their jizz all over me. Their collective cum coated me, nearly top to bottom, and I got to scoop it all up with my fingers and lick myself clean.

We missed the end of the game, but none of them seemed to mind! I certainly didn’t!

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