Nursing Mommy

lactation phone sex reannaThere’s nothing that makes me wetter than a grown man nursing. I love looking down at a mature face (or even a younger face!) while he’s suckling on a tit, eyes closed and face serene.

My tits have always produced a little milk, even well before and well after I had little ones! Not much, just a few drops, enough for a little taste for someone who does a good job sucking on his mommy’s breast. But I love the feeling I get from being suckled. I would love to look down to see you sucking away, then have you look up in my face, with your mouth still full of my tit, and call me “Mommy.”

At that point, I would just have to roll you on your back so that I could straddle you, sliding my wet, slippery pussy over your hot, rock-hard cock. I’d ride you for a bit, lifting myself up and letting myself down, before leaning forward, placing my hands on either side of your head, so you could get a face full of my nice firm Mommy-tits. And then, while I rock back and forth, you can go back and forth between each one, suckling each in turn. That would make me happy. And you definitely want to make your Mommy happy, don’t you?

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