Summer Turns To Fall

I love the summer time and all the outdoor fun we have. Fucking in the sunshine, playing at the beach, watching all the hunks with suntans throwing a frisbee or football on the sand. But summer is coming to an end, the leaves are starting to change colors and fall off the trees and soon it will be winter and time for a whole new set of ways to have fun.
Fucking on the bunny slopes in the snow. Orgies by he fireplace with hot toddies and keeping each other warm with our body heat.
Ice skating in the park and fucking behind the bleachers in the cold night air.
But my favorite thing comes before all that. Having a leaf fight in the park and then fucking in a big pile of yellow, orange and gold leaves under the night sky hoping we don’t get caught.
Are you ready? I am! I love the seasons and all the fun we have, each different but the same in so many ways. There are so many ways to be a cum slut no matter the season.

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