Suck Star

submissive phone sexI have been dreaming about the neighbor’s husband he is a big football player cornfed jock with a big fucking cock print in his gym shorts when he goes for his early morning jog. I keep telling myself the next time he jogs past my sidewalk I’m going to ask him to fix something for me and then I will get the sweaty slutty sex that I crave so badly. I can see myself wearing my favorite yellow teddy with the cock hole. I can offer him some sweet hot pussy for breakfast I got it and I’m more than ready to give it up. I’d love to deep throat suck his huge swollen dick that waves yes to me when he’s jogging. I keep picturing myself bending down and touching the tips of my six inch stilettos while he comes up behind me with his raging hard on. I imagine him thrusting his rock solid hard baseball bat into my fat wet sweltering candy spot pussy, melting as he fucked me hard and harder. I know he’s married but my pussy seems to not be so concerned with that fact, she just wants to pounce on that monster in his pants and ride it like a porn star. My nipples stand up like it’s 20 degrees outside every time I see those gym shorts approaching the corner of my block. My good fuck star this man is dripping in pheromones I would fuck him right there in the streets in front of my house.    

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