Subby Barn Babe Stephanie

Whenever I need a break from the real world, I know the perfect place to go. There’s this small town a few hours from home where I can relax and be myself. All the town’s people are so friendly and I must admit, I look smoking hot in my midriff plaid top and cut off shorts. Kind of like Daisy Duke. She was the sexiest in that very outfit. Everyone always stares at my ass when I’m bending over getting my groceries on the bottom shelf. I make sure they see every inch of my hot body, including my barely legal cunt. I love going to their parties and this girl here can get down and dirty! Rolling around in hay and stomping through mud in my rubber boots. It drives the guys wild. My hot toned body all covered in filth as I do a sexy little dance. It even turns me on. I love to pleasure myself in front of a crowd of horny drunk men and women.  Would you like to see me shake my tight little ass, grinding all over you? You can take me back to your place and get a little dirty with me. Maybe I’ll give you a lap dance and tease you until you can’t take it anymore. I’ll do anything you ask… no request is off limits! This barely legal phone sex subby slut just getting started daddy, all I need is that big farmer dick to complete my day.

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