Stuffing that Fuck Hole

My favorite spot to stuffing my big, fat cock is deep inside of your “fuck hole”. Now that could mean one of two places on your body, baby. Either the one on your face with your sexy cock sucking lips or the tight hole that is in your ass cheeks. I am all about shoving my dick all the way deep in it. The feeling of a fuck hole being filled and wrapped up by my cock just makes me want pound it hard while I pinch hard on these firm nipples. I know you fantasize about me and my sexy package deep throttling you until I used you up like a cum dumpster. Let’s face it baby! I am your secret obsession that taunts your every lustful thought. With a sexy Shemale woman like me, what more could you even ask for. So be a good cum whore and have your fuck holes ready for me to ride all night!

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