Strip Tease From Daddy’s Favorite T-Girl

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I have missed spending time with my daddy. Do not get me wrong I have had so much fun with the new dirty little T-girl fun that my daddy has been having me do, but I miss being able to be that special little creature that my daddy loves so much. He bought me some pretty lingerie the other day, and it made me feel so special. It made me feel so very special to be able to put it on and model it for him. The silk was so soft against my skin and the thing panties gripped against my package. I stepped into the doorway with it on and he was laying on his bed ready for a frisky show. I played with the side panel on the baby doll top, opening them and spinning around. I slowly slid one of the straps from my shoulder. It slid down just a little. Enough for my nipple to peak out. Bumping the other strap from my shoulder the top rolled down. My perky nipples stood erect for his attention, I ran my finger tips across them and whimpered a little to perk up his member.
I slowly removed the top allowing it to fall down my tiny shape to the floor. I stuck my finger in my mouth and teased my daddy. I wanted him to remember just how sweet his little creature could be to him. I knelt down so he could see my little cock displayed inside of my red panties. I slowly moved them to side so that my member would take a peek out, leaving the rest of them in place. Daddy was hard now lying on the bed naked. I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. He leaned back and groaned as I pleased him with my mouth. He stuck one hand behind his head and relaxed and the other into my blonde hair so he could choose the speed in which I sucked him. I moaned as he went deep into the back of my throat. He loved it when I did that, it vibrated against the tip of his dick. He reached his hand around my back and stuck his hand into my thong and gave it a quick snap against my skin.
I stood up and began to remove them. I stuck my thumbs inverted in each side and swayed my cock side to side, the thong falling down as my hips swayed. I bit my bottom lip slightly as I looked at daddy there staring at my body. He wanted me, and that was a feeling that I never grew too old for. I looked towards him capturing him in the eyes and then crawled back onto the bed. He came to the back of me and began to kiss all over my ass before giving it a slap and then ramming his full length into me. It felt so good to feel my Daddy plow his rod into my tight little ass. He even reached under and yanked my little cocky. I moaned wildly. Every thrust was pushing me further and further to the edge. I was about to cum and I knew it. My balls shriveled close to my body. I felt daddy let go I my dick and grab my hips with both hands and fuck me like something wild. We both came at the same time, his jizz filling up the inside of my ass hole. He examined his work when finished, holding my ass cheeks apart to watch the cum dribble down to the bed. Hmmm. I missed my daddy.

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