Strip Club Adventure

I LOVE going to strip clubs! I like to go with guys because it makes it a lot more fun! I make sure he gives me plenty of singles to tip those sexy girls with. I love to tip those girls because I get boobies in my face and a rub down with their pussy’s! There are so many girls to chose from and I can’t wait to pick one for a nice lap dance! Yes guy’s I love lap dances and love to watch you get lap dance’s too! OMG it is such a turn on to have a girl all to myself and have her rub her sexy body all over me! Her body is so soft and her breasts feel so good when she rubs them on my face, her pussy feels so good when she is grinding on me. I love to feel how hot and wet she is getting, it makes my pussy quiver and tingle. I also love to watch the guy I am with get a lap dance too! It is also such a turn on to watch him get all excited with his lap dance. So by the time we have tipped all of the girls and gotten a few lap dances we are both so turned on that we have to leave the club and go fuck each other good and hard. We like to talk about how we would love to take one of those girls home and have a three some with her, oooohhh I would love to lick her pussy!

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