Strawberries and cream

I love to eat dick every day. If I don’t get at least one, I get a just a teensy bit moody. Moody plus horny…well, I can’t be blamed for who or how I take out my frustration. The other day…well into the day, none of my fuck buddies had responded. The only one around was my new roommate. She’s a hot little number but a bit of a prude and very sensitive. What choice did I have but to take it out on her? The little tease was just laying around the house in these tiny shorts and a cami. She tried to avoid me…but when I get horny, there’s no turning me away. Besides, I can be very persuasive. I blended up some strawberry daiquiris with just a little too much rum and put on the sweetest attitude I could muster. After her second glass, I started teasing her with soft touches. First her arm, her hair, then her legs- so creamy white and smooth. I took my time, showering her with girly compliments. It’s hard to be patient, but the results can be so satisfying if you put in the work. I tested the waters with a supple kiss and a caress on her inner thigh. The shiver told me she was willing and ready. Underneath those shorts were no panties and the cutest, barely touched little pussy. My gentle kisses made their way down south and flicked that sickly sweet clit into a heaping pile of screams and moans. Her water was sweeter than the daiquiri. Our little escapade continued into the night. I’m surprised at what she could do with her own mouth. She’s not so much a prude anymore.


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