Stranger Danger! Fucked At Work!

Cum Slut Phone SexI’ve been working at the local bowling alley lately, and their uniforms are just absolutely slutty! It’s this tiny little crop top with these tight little shorts, thigh high stockings with a garter, and heels? Who the fuck bowls in heels?! I was bending over, checking the return machine for the balls when this rough fucking hand grabbing a handful of my pretty ass.
“ Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” he growled into my ear. Something in his voice started making me so fucking wet! There were other people there in the bowling alley. In fact, I was making direct eye contact with my boss as this stranger pulled my shorts aside and slid his thick fucking cock right into my tight teen little pussy! I tried to be quiet, I tried to resist, but the way that big fucking python was stroking in and out of my dripping wet cunt was driving me crazy!
I started moaning like such a little whore, bracing myself on the machine, and trying desperately to look away from my bosses gaze. My boss was sitting behind the desk jacking off his big black cock while watching me get pounded by a stranger.
I started wondering if my boss hadn’t set this up just to see me get fucked!. That turned me on even more. It honestly wasn’t too long before I was cumming all over his cock, and he was filling me up with his big fucking hot load of cum. I watched my manager cum to, all the way from across the bowling alley. He called me into his office later to discuss my disciplinary action, and that’s a story I’ve got to tell.

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