The Start Of A Lovely Thing

I will never forget the first time I actually crossed the line into being a p mommy and became hooked. One of my daughter’s friends was over and they were swimming in the pool. My little girl went inside to get refreshments and her friend jumped off the diving board accidentally loosing her bikini top. Her young body exposed and my pussy started throbbing at the thought of the possibilities. When I was trying to help her get her bikini back on, my hand brushed her puffy little nipple and it started to get hard. Things just happened, it wasn’t planned but it was oh so good.

Now I am totally damn addicted to watching little ones, seems they are in the house all hours of the day and night. Either I am babysitting or my brats have their friends over and there is always an array of ages and sizes and we play all kinds of fun and nasty games together.

I am now a nasty p mom and I love it. I get more pleasure from their sweet young bodies, so soft and innocent. They are eager to learn and eager to please mommy. I will never go back to the way it was and as long as I can find innocent young morsels to feed my need I will enjoy them as much as I can.

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