Squirting Slave: My Wettest Phone Fantasy


Let me tell you something, daddy. Last night, I had a phone call that left me dripping wet, and I ain’t talkin’ about the rain.

This fine motherfucker knew exactly what to say to this horny little slut. He painted a picture of me on my knees, wearing nothing but a collar and leash. He owned me, and the thought alone made me squirt like a motherfucker.

He described in delicious detail how he’d auction me off as his personal sex slave, a pretty little thing for the highest bidder. They’d use me, abuse me, and make me their fuck toy. And you know what? I’d love every second of it.

The dirtier he talked, the more my panties got soaked. I confessed my deepest desire – to be a human fountain, squirting my juices everywhere, drenching anyone who came near me. He went balls deep into my kinky fantasies, unleashing the freakiest shit I’d ever imagined.

In return, I shared the vision of being taken by multiple partners, surrounded by a circle of lustful men who’d whip and spank me until I was barely conscious. And when I’d squirt, they’d smile, knowing my body was their playground.

His deep, gritty voice made me see stars as he instructed me to picture myself being stretched to the limit, my ass rippling around his meaty cock. He promised to fuck me so hard that I’d squirt until I passed out. And that thought… it made me cum right there and then.

I was a dripping mess, and goddamn, did it feel good.

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