Sprung for Spring

tranny phone sex averyI love spring so much! Goodbye winter and the confides of layers of clothing that come with it, hello beauties jogging in the park. Dad and I went to the park today, it was such a blast. I got to wear my favorite spring dress that he bought for me. The straps were thin and the fabric lay perfectly against my perky nipples. The way the dress moved in the spring air excited them making them stand erect in enjoyment. The dress was a pretty blue with pink flowers, the kind of pattern that screams innocence.  It was just long enough to cover my white cotton panties that held my little cock in place, I felt beautiful.
Daddy and I walked along the path at the park and I giggled as he whispered jokes past my blonde locks into my ear. As we came up to the playground I squealed with excitement.
“Swings, Daddy may I?”
“Yes my creature”
A gentle smile released from the corner of his mouth. That was his pet name for me, both his little girl and little boy I was the best of both worlds. I planted a perfect little kiss on his cheek before skipping with excitement to my favorite piece of playground equipment from my younger years. Slowly I slid onto the swing, my dress raised above my thighs. I bit the edge of my bottom lip as I flashed Dad a glance and prepped back to swing. Releasing my pretty tootsies I swung forward, my dress ruffled up my lap. My p cock twitched as the breeze greeted it with a tender hello. I swung back and forth embracing the feeling of flying.
That is when I noticed Daddy standing in front of me. His arms were crossed and his stare was blank. My stomach sank down as I was overwhelmed that daddy was mad at his favorite T girl. That’s when I saw it, bulging from his jeans, longing to enter into my tight little ass, Daddy’s rod. I bit my lip and gave him a few more pumps on the swing. My legs spread wide inviting him to watch as my little member throbbed with anticipation.
I dismounted from the swing, the seat stuck to my tight rear. I dusted it from it. I was excited, he was all hard and ready to go I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. I couldn’t wait for his ‘Little Creature’ to make him cum. The drive home was going to take forever. I throbbed and longed for him and my nipples perked up calling for the sweet kiss of his lips. We began what was to be the longest journey of my life to reach the parking lot. Then once we reached Daddy’s car it would take what felt like millions of miles to reach our humble abode to be together.
That is when it happened; Daddy took his hand to my waist and yanked me roughly. It took me a second to realize what was going on, and then like a light bulb being turned on I realized, he was just as eager. He shoved me into the bathroom turning the lock behind us keeping us safely inside. With what seemed like one fluid motion he slipped my dress from my shoulders and gently urged me down to taste his throbbing dick. I smiled up at him His readiness surprised me, how swiftly it all fell into place. My dress lay in a circle on the floor and I knelt in it my dickie throbbed bulging slightly from my cotton panties that were still in place.
I ran my tongue across my lower lip and inserted him into my mouth. He let out subtle moans enjoying my sensual kiss around his member, he tasted so good.  I continued to take him in and out of my mouth his helmet hitting the back of my throat. I moaned, the vibrations beating against the tip of his dick, he let out a moan to meet mine. At that time he stood me up quickly 3 and bent me over the sink. I was so excited, here is to comes, here it.
His stiff cock penetrated my tight ass hole. I love the way that he fills me. My over sized clitty throbbed and pounded while Daddy plowed into my hole. I whimpered as daddy spanked my ass leaning me against him so he could ram me deeper, grabbing onto my perky nipples I squealed like a little piglet. He felt so good. I could never get enough of Dad’s big cock fucking his T-Girl.  The way he pounds into my butt hole makes me scream out in ecstasy. I listen to him groan and grumble while he stretches my ass open and plays with my perky tits. I begin to stroke myself along with his strides. He shoves me down bending me over far and rams it into me hard and fast before exploding in my cavity filling it with his luscious juices. Oh how good feels to be filled by him. He grunts with fierceness, my Daddy, this is what a real man is. He pulls me up and kisses me on the lips,
THUD THUD THUD “Hello?” A little voice speaks
We had forgotten where we were. Lost in each other embrace we forgot how public it all could be. I chuckled pulling the straps of my dress back over my shoulders. I quickly leaned over to help Daddy straighten himself up. We both left the bathroom and headed towards the car. I love my Daddy so much and I will always be his ‘Little Creature’ to make him happy. I am beginning to wonder if anyone can satisfy me the way that he does.
Are you up for my challenge?

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