Spring Popping up EVERYWHERE!

I bought the cutest little spring dress last night. It is so tight and sexy. It hugs my curves and flares out at my hips. I tried it on today just to see how sexy it is! I LOVE it on me! I was checking myself out in the mirror when the door bell rang. When I opened the door, A SEXY tall ups worker was staring back at me. He was Fine with a capital F! And the second I saw his fine ass bend over to pick up my package. I was hook! My cock got so hard so fast I couldn’t even catch it! I was standing there in my little bitty dress with a raging hard on! My cock popped right out the bottom of my dress! His eyes locked on me. Then slide down my body all the way to my hard cock! He dropped my package by the door. Then dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock! He slurped up my dick like a PRO! Swallowed every single inch! He used his fingers to milk my balls and then play with my ass hole! He milked my prostrate until I shot deep in his mouth. And he swallowed every droop! Now that is the way to take care of a package!

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