Sorry you can’t get any of this

cuckolding phone sexTime after time I get men that want to try and dominate me or little dick losers that want to serve me even though I have repeatedly told them they they just don’t meet the qualifications to be my pet and you know what it is annoying as fuck! Here’s the thing losers, if I have told you no… then stop asking me the same lame ass stupid questions! I only accept certain men, generous men, men that know their place. Evn if you claim to know that you are beneath me, if you keep asking to serve me and I keep telling you no, you obviously do not know your place, you think that you will somehow change my mind even though you won’t. I hate little bottom topping assholes but the worst of all is a man that can see I am a Domme woman and expect me to lower myself to serve him! Boy please, I will have you licking my boots in no time flat, I will never serve any man! Of course lots of my sweet little pets don’t fall into either of those categories and for you I want you to know that you are good boys and that is why you get the honor of receiving all of my attention.

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