Sometimes it is just Destiny

Sometimes things just fall into place. And I do love it when destiny takes over. Yesterday I was hunting, stalking this pretty little thing. She  would be perfect for my needs. My friend loves young and blonde He wants big blue eyes and her to look so innocent and sweet. It is really hard to find the perfect girl. And when I found her I waited all day trying to find the perfect time to snatch her. But it didn’t happen. She was NEVER alone. I finally gave up and headed home. When I passed a broken down car. Someone flagged me down. A beautiful little thing. With blonde hair and big blue eyes. She thanked me over and over. She said at least 10 cars passed her and nobody stopped. She didn’t have a cell signal and was so scared. I promised her I would help her. And I will. I drove her home and told her the phone was in the kitchen. She never made it that far of course. By the time she woke up I had her tied to my work bench and stripped naked. I had already called my friend over and was waiting for him to show up. My pussy is dripping at what I am gonna do to her. How I am going to hurt her. How my friend is going to use her. All before I kill her. It was just Destiny.

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