Some Say Psycho, But I Say Fun

I’m on all fours waiting for you to tie me up! As I struggle against the chains, you tease me, spitting on me like the little piece of shit I am. You punch me as hard as you can calling me a stupid cunt, causing my vision to go blurry and stars to shine across my eyes. That’s when the fun begins! *giggles* I look up to find you walking close to me with a sharp knife in your hands. You slice cuts all over my body, making me beg you to Stop Master, oh Please Stop, but secretly, you and I both  know that I don’t want you to. Once I’m dripping crimson you give me one last bitch slap sending me into an unconscious slump. Some time later, I awaken to my body jolting to the force of your dick, which has penetrated my ass ripping my whole wide open. The pain feels so good I help you by pushing my ass into you screaming for you to hurt me more!! As you reach your peak, you pull my hair back exposing my neck, and you take that shiny knife still dripping with my blood, and make little shallow cuts all around my neck. The sharp pains mixed with pleasure brings me to my peak and we both scream out in that lovely mess we’ve just made. Thank you Master!!!

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