It is snowing outside!


I love the snow. It reminds me of powder.  Just big mounds of white powder. It really makes my pussy twitch! I start thinking about powder and then I want to fuck! Because that is the best thing to do while on powder. So now that it has been snowing I am calling my dealer and telling him I NEED a hook up. And my little ones are her to pay the tab! He can fuck the shit out of those little whores while I get nice and high! I don’t give a fuck how he uses them. As long as I get my fix. Shove your dick anywhere you want. Shoot your load in them for all I care. Just bring me my snow and we are all good! Actually while I am fucked up, I love seeing my little ones getting pounded. It turns me on so much! And when he is done using my fuck toys then I will let him plow me down. Mmm It is gonna be a white Christmas.

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