Snow Days are A’Cummin!

Now it’s winter time, and we’ve been having lots of snow days. When that white stuff starts falling from the sky, all I can think about is Daddy’s white stuff . . . and how much I wanna taste it!

I was making snow angels earlier, since I’m Daddy’s Little Angel, and I loved spreading my legs and pining up my arms, because I imagined Daddy was there doing it for me . . . and, well, I started cumming.

Luckily, he didn’t punish me–but that’s only because he was inside with Mommy! Why does she get all of the attention lately? Don’t I have enough sass for him . . . or a cute enough ass?

If only my Daddy spent more time with me, I’d be a much, much more well-behaved girl! I’m sure of it! But, I’m all out in the cold, and it looks like I’m going to have to play with my little special spot all by myself! Please, Daddy, come!!!! I’m begging to CUM for YOU!

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