Snow Angel

I am in the mood for something special, and this storm gave me exactly what I needed. The storm blew in and knocked out all the power. I was snug and warm in front of my extra large fireplace, when, I heard a knock on the door. I was pretty surprised to see the the girl from down the street. She saw the fire in the window and wanted me to know she was all alone. Her mom is at work and she was hoping she could get warm at my house. I couldn’t let this sweet one suffer in the cold. Her cheeks all rosy and her face all flushed. I let her come in and warm herself. How could I let a pretty little thing like this just slip away. She pulled her jacket off and her little nipples were hard and sticking straight out. She was just perfect. A little snow angel with snow flakes in her hair…. Mmmm she is so sweet. Sweet enough to share. Who should I invite to play with me…mmmmm ?

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