Smoking Dope with a side order of Turkey basting

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex



Getting high and fucking is my favorite thing to do as a cum slut party girl. I’m always down for a good time. So when my friends called saturday and said they had some really good shit to smoke and some molly I was 100% down for that ! My friend gave me directions to where the party was going to be. I showered, put on my sluttiest skimpiest skin tight bright red halter dress with some fuck me pumps added my red lipstick and I was out the door. Immediately as I walked thru the door smoke clouds were billowing in huge clouds every where. People were sucking on glass pipes in little circles of 4 or 5 and I picked a group and put myself in the steady rotation of sucking on the “glass dick” and started getting really fucking high. This dope was bomb! It was definately horny dope because every hit I took my cunt got wetter and wetter. I had my eye on this big biker looking dude and I sauntered over to him and whispered in his ear., ” i don’t know about you but I’m high as fuck and I’m so horny…could you help me out?” His eyes lit up and  he nodded his head yes excitedly. We found an empty bedroom and next thing you know my skirt was over my head and this rando dude had me bent over at the waist over a dresser pounding the shit out of my tight twat. I was so loaded that I kept a steady stream of lady goo running out my slit down his shaft coating his nut sack over an over. I told him I wanted to turkey baste and fuck some more…he didn’t know what that was so I had to explain to him that you take a shard and add some water shake it up in the needle break the point off and then put the broken syrienge up your poop chute and bing bam boom you are hornier than you’ve ever been in your life! He said he’d help me with mine but he was to chicken shit to do one himself so I let him make the shot and take the dull end and shove it deep into my sphincter filling my guts with liquid dope and my eyes rolled back in my head and It was on! I fucked that dude upside down sideways, standing on my head and facedown and ass up for hours…until the sun came up and I snuck out the back door to do the walk of shame home.

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    • Matt on August 12, 2022 at 2:58 AM
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    You are the hottest thing here.

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