slutty girl in school

I am soo stoked that I am back in school. That means I get to tease all the cute boys in school about wishing they could have my tiny cunny. Also going to all the back-to-school parties to get wasted and tell my mommy I spent the night at friend’s house. Also this will give me a chance to stay after class and really get to know my teacher’s man bites. +giggles+ I just love my new school clothes and how tight and short they are on me. I look so cute in them that I can tell that all the boys at school stop and stare while they grab their lil’ dicky when I walk by. +giggles+ 🙂 They are so pathetic when they are drooling at me. But I really like all of my teachers. They always give my hugs and kisses when I come to class. I know I am going to have a blast playing with all of my teachers this year. +giggles+ 😉

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