Slutty Babysitter Debbie

Babysitter Phone Sex

Being a young slutty hottie, I was hired by all the dads to babysit their tykes. They wanted me around because I gave them a hard cock that they used to fuck their wives later. My favorite to babysit was bobby. He would wait until his parents were gone and then he would hug me while groping me. His hands would squeeze my ass and his face would be right by my tits. I decided I could use him to make my pussy cum. I told him we were going to play a game. He had to give me kisses anywhere I pointed to. I first pointed to my neck to see if he would do it and he did. Then my nipples and like a good boy he did. It got my cunt dripping as he kissed my belly button after I pointed to it. I told him he was winning the game as I lowered my shorts and panties. I laid on the couch and spread my legs pointing at my clit. He dove right in kissing my clit so good. I pointed at my pussy hole, and he kissed it too. By this time, I was dripping and I knew he was tasting my juices. I then pointed to my asshole. He kissed my asshole so good I stuck some fingers in my cunt and started masturbating. I told him to stick his tongue in there as his mouth was on my ass. I kept fingering my wet gooey cunt until my hot squirting pussy came hard. We continued our night games every time I babysat.  

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