Sleepover sluts

hot ass sexMy friends and I love to spend some time together we tend to have a ton of sleepovers, I love having a massive blow out sleepover with all my favorite girlies but you will be surprised my favorite sleepover thus far would have to be the one with my friend Lina and her boyfriend. It was so much fun because we got off by giving the poor guy blue balls, eventually he got to fuck us but not before us having a zillion orgasms. It was very selfish but it was a huge turn on that I was having hot ass sex with my best friend right in front of her boyfriend and he couldn’t even touch us all he could do was watch. It was hot and fucking exciting to see him want so badly to rub one out. We did feel bad and allowed him to rub it out and finally fuck our holes eventually after being tense for such a long period. Poor guys, 😉 he should have known sleepovers are for girls only 😉

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