Sissy Shame


I have had my share of sissies but Ms. Levi’s Pink Pacifier Punishment Pansy takes the fucking cake.  I was invited to a playoff basketball game with Ms. Levi and her sissy.  WHAT THE FUCK,  was the words that rang out of my mouth when I first seen sissy.  She had on a pink lace fluffy dress, white stocking, pink socks, heels, a huge pink bow in her hair, and sucking on a large ass pink pacifier.  I was so fucking embarrassed walking into the game with her that if dying was an option I would have fell out right there.  She pranced around like she was cinder-fucking- rella, either shame was something she enjoyed or Ms. Levi is one hell of a Mistress.  That pansy had the nerve to jump up and cheer whenever a basket was made, it did not matter from what team.  I felt my heartbeat fading away as my face melted with shame.  Feeling relieved as Ms Levi and her sissy went to the restroom I felt life coming back to me.  Halftime was a few minutes away and I knew the halftime program would cheer me up.  I was moving to the beat of the music as the cheerleader performed when sissy comes running onto the court with a damn cheer leading outfit on.  The front of the shirt has the word sissy embroidered in bright pink letters and her face with even a brighter pink.  She was shaking and ashamed as she twirled to the music.  The gym was silent in pure shock as was I but that did not stop sissy from performing her little heart out.  The program was over and all the girls started doing cartwheels, as the crowd clapped. Oh but sissy could not be left out, she did a fucked up half cartwheel landing on her neck/back, legs semi in the air, and the tiniest piece of cock meat I ever seen showing for all to see.  Laughter bounced off the gym walls as I ran out the gym so fast.  Ms. Levi gave me a gift for my great embarrassment, sissy will have to call me and tell all of her dirty little secrets. 

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