Sissy and Snuff Goddess

snuff phone sex

One should be so lucky to have a snuff phone sex goddess degrade you, and torture you relentlessly. Your body will fail as I know you need to be murdered. My newest slave needed to serve me. I planted a big ass spreader butt plug right between his ass cheeks. He already knew who was in control. But I branded him with a hot iron right in the tender spot on his inner ass flesh!  He just needed a mark, something to help his sissy soul. He knew right from the moment that he crossed into my path that I was going to cause pain I unimaginable if everything didn’t go the way I wanted them to. There would be no standing without permission only on his knees like a puppy pet. The men who are allowed to stand with a man who would fuck me in front of him. The men he would fluff and serve until his jaw was sore and his ass was bleeding. My sissy slave never saw it coming when I put his leash on and started pulling it tighter and tighter until his face turned seven different shades of purple. A good sissy slut would be allowed to live, but I’ve had just enough of this disobedient motherfucker. And plus I was feeling particularly violent. I just wanted to kill something, someone, anything. I learned something about myself killing men makes me wet as fuck. 


sissy phone sex

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