Teen Shyla

I hang out at the pool behind my parent’s house and tease the next door neighbors. The privacy fence has long ago started falling down but that doesn’t stop me from skinny dipping and laying out in the nude. I certainly don’t want any tan lines on my perfect tight teen body.

To the left of us is a married guy who likes to stand in his kitchen window when his wife isn’t home and watch me while he jacks off. He isn’t one bit shy about it and strokes right out in the open for me and anyone else to see. On the other side of me is a boy I go to school with and his dad. Each of them standing in a different window watching me, and I am guessing neither knows the other is watching. They both smile at me and blow me kisses and stroke their cocks for me.

I love putting on a show for them and hope to get to fuck each of them real soon; maybe all at once would be pretty hot.

Naughty teen neighbor dicktease.

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