Shut Up and Drive

Nothing gets my juices flowing like a fast car. When you told me you had a Lambo, I couldn’t help but beg to cum and see it. I had been blowing you off for weeks, but now that you knew you had something I wanted, you were going to make me pay up. You told me I could cum over and drive it if you could take some pictures of me with that car. I thought that was getting off pretty easy, so I agreed.

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I met you at your place and as you brought that gorgeous red machine out of the garage, I swear I came in my panties. I walked up and began stroking the hood, and you got out and grabbed my arm. You told me to take my tits out and get down on the ground. I am a happy little whore when a man tells me what he wants, so down I went. You pulled out your phone to take the photos, and I assume you’ve sent them everywhere by now, but who cares.

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I posed in every position you wanted, showing you my tight hot pussy and my gorgeous tits. You clicked away enough pictures to last you awhile, and then walked over to me. I was still on the ground, and you took your cock out of your pants. I was amazed at the size – I wished you had shown me sooner – because you wouldn’t have needed the car to get me here. You grabbed me by the hair and made me suck you off right there in the driveway. I swallowed all your cum like a good little whore, and then it was my turn to drive….

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