Shopping for BBC

interracial phone sex

I do my weekly grocery shopping every Thursday. I prefer Thursday’s for two reasons. It’s not overly busy and well, one of my favorite butchers works in the deli that day.

He’s tall, dark and incredibly handsome *drools*.

I’d say he’s about 6’5” and 250 lbs, extremely well built and just oozes sex.

I find myself spending a good amount of time browsing the meat selection when I really have no intention of buying any.

I just stand there day dreaming about what he must have hiding in his work khakis.

I imagine what terrible things he would do to me.

What that huge, black cock must taste like as he slides it into my cock hungry mouth.

Do you ever find yourself having those thoughts? I’ll bet you do. It seems to come naturally to most people. There’s something so mesmerizing about those big black cocks!

I salivate for them.

This week I plan on dressing very provocatively for my weekly shopping just so I could show him a little extra attention.

I’m determined to get that big black cock in my mouth.

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