Hey my name is Shannon. You like what you see? I know you do. I know you love all the guys staring at me while I am on your arm. I know you love the envious stares from the guys and the longing looks from the girls. I mean if you can have me… What could you do for them? I am the girlfriend you have always wanted. I LOVE letting my new Boyfriends spend all their hard earned money on me! And if you want to be my Boyfriend… you should know I like to be spoiled! No pay, NO PLAY! And the more you spoil me, the more I spoil you. I am not just arm candy you know. Of course I will be the best girlfriend you have ever had! I have the warmest softest tongue. A very deep throat. A hot wet pussy and the tightest ass you have ever enjoyed. And best of all. I am a true WHORE! The nastiest dirtiest slut you have ever played with. But don’t ever think I am free! I am a high priced escort after all. Meaning I know just what you need. Just how to give it to you. So if you want to get nasty with me.. All you have to do to get the green light is give me the green to light me up.

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