Sexy Time With My Lesbian Teacher



School Girl Phone Sex

Miss Morris is like totally the hottest teacher at my school. She has these giant tits that you can totally tell are fake, super sexy full lips and a nice round ass. She’s seriously like a total Betty! I’ve masturbated a lot at home thinking about her super sexy bod and generally very flirtatious manor but today when she asked if I wanted to stay after class to help her put up Christmas decorations, I hoped that maybe this could be my chance to at least get a little closer to her. She welcomed me in right after the last bell and we got started. She asked if I would climb up on to her desk and hang some snowflakes up on the ceiling. Miss Morris helped brace me by holding my legs but that’s when I started to feel her fingers wandering up my skirt inch by inch. I looked down and he had already removed her blouse, exposing those beautiful juicy MILF-y titties to me just like I had always fantasized while finger fucking myself. I leaned down as she pulled me toward her and we started hard making out, tongues and everything! She helped me take off my uniform and we sprawled out on the desk so that she could eat my bald pussy like she had obviously been craving to do as well. We scissored each other on the desk, using a large marker as a double-ended phallic toy and came over and over again. She made me swear not to tell anybody about what we did. Obviously I’ll be keeping me and Miss Morris’s fuck fests all to myself. Well..except I guess it’s okay with her if I tell you. 😉

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