Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Fetish phone sexI was invited to a sexy scavenger hunt, so I agreed to go.  I had never been to one before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I was told to wear a sexy costume or outfit and everything would be explained to me when I arrived.  As I was getting dressed in my hot little outfit with some great boots I got a phone call.  I was instructed to meet everyone at the cemetery to begin the scavenger hunt.  I was a little nervous about that, but decided to go anyway.  When I arrived I saw a party style tent setup in the farthest corner.  The tent was setup like an old castle with weird looking chairs, tables and things hanging from the trees.

Hot phonesex

I was greeted by a masked woman who lead me to my table, and handed me a program listing the events for the evening.  I was surprised to see what we would be scavenging for during this incredibly odd evening.  Each guest is given a list of things to find and check off, and the one with the most items at the end of the night would win.  Items on the list were things like: cell phone pic of a ball sac, red pubic hair, panties or boxers, used condom, neglige, shoe, pants and so forth.  I looked up and realized this scavenger hunt was really an orgy.  People were already naked and fucking. I immediately got so fucking wet I couldn’t stand it, so I walked up to the guy closest to me and told him he could have one of my red hairs, but he had to eat my pussy first.  We wound up fucking every one all night long.  I don’t think anybody left until the next morning and nobody seemed to walk quite right as they left.



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