Sex Positions with Passion!

I’m like an expert at choosing sex positions. No really, it’s an art form. And just because I’m a big girl doesn’t mean jack shit! I am a flexible slut who can fuck your brains out. I’ll have your toes curling in no time when you can see what I do. Wooo! I went on a tangent..Back to my sex positions…It should be taken very seriously. You want to make sure you and your partner are both comfortable and experiencing an equal amount of pleasure. Play to your partners strengths. Take me for example, my cock riding skills are amazing, to say the least so “sitting scissors”, “supernova”, or “the ship” would be ideal for me. If you are a bit more acrobatic in bed, you may want to try “the triumphant arch” or “the g-force”. If you have an extra-long dick you should go for positions where her legs are closed like “the landslide” or “the sideways samba”. Maybe you like to hold on to that big juicy ass, go for “the hinge”. Does she like you deep inside of her? Give her the whole package with “the star”. She’ll have cock up to her kidneys. I should teach a class on this shit. Changing the world one sexual position at a time. Lessons over for today shooters and dumpsters, now get out there and fuck like I just taught you!

(Look these positions up! or I could just explain them to you in full detail while whispering in your ear 😉 )

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