Sex on the tree

This place is the perfect spot to have a picnic. Just you and me alone out here surrounded by all these tree. But instead of relaxing in each others arms on a blanket in the grass, we were interrupted by someone else. It was your co-worker from your company that walked into our secluded spot out in the woods. I was caught off guard but you greeted him with a “Hey man, you are just in time”. With a confessed look, I asked you what was going on and you told me it is time to keep on promise about doing your fantasy. I kissed you deeply and started taking off my sun dress. Then after taking off my bra and sliding my sexy pink lacy thong off of my freshly shaved pussy, I got on my knees in front of your co-worker while you stood by to watch. He had a huge, thick cock that was too big to fit all in my mouth. So I got up and walked over to this tree. Then I firmly gripped my hands on to the trunk of the tree as I bent over to flex out my butt so that huge dick can do some damage to my pussy. He held on to my butt cheeks as he slammed that big cock balls deep inside of me. I was screaming loud and proud to see you were standing there jerking off to me getting fucked by a cock this big inside of my tight pussy. Muah, baby! Thank you for the amazingly hot fantasy you shared with me.

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