Serving Master My Cunt!

Bondage Phone SexI have a special friend who plays with me when my big brother cock is away, I call him Master and he uses me as his submissive slut whenever he wants! Sometimes when he calls me over I don’t know what will happen I am often blindfolded as soon as I walk into his place. He straps me down and ties tight knots to lay my body exposed before him in every way. He plays with my pussy, making me wet and relaxed before he stuffs my ass with a butt plug. I can’t even scream because my mouth is full, he makes me hold an apple between my teeth as he vibrates a toy against my clit, If I bite the apple and let it fall I cant cum. He tortures me all night, fucking me and squirting cum on my face as a gift, when the sun comes up I limp home with all my holes aching and my face sticky, I know I have served My Master well.

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